Have you ever wished for a multi-purpose blockchain? The blockchain industry spawns new projects every day. Why not have a blockchain applicable in all situations? So,  what is Stratis and its relevance?

what is stratis

Image Credits: Stratis

Stratis is an ambitious project. The top slots in the crypto verse are filled with Bitcoin and Ethereum. But these have their shares of challenges, leaving new projects to catch up. One potential contender for the top slots is Stratis.

You may have heard of ‘something-as-a-service’. Stratis is a prime example of exploitation of this concept. Its resourcefulness is in the financial services.

Stratis is way much unexplored. How did it start? What is the team behind Stratis? What makes it tick? So, what is Stratis?

Stratis will allow firms to build their customized blockchain applications. And you cannot mention Stratis while excluding Microsoft`s technologies.

What is Stratis: The In-depth Exploration


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