The ledger technology, Blockchain, came to the world with the potential to change everything. Blockchain technology saves a lot of money, doesn’t need a vast amount of record keeping, and changes the IT section in a whole different way.

Cryptocurrencies are based on this ledger system. One of the hyped ones is bitcoin, which is pretty much taking over the whole world now. If you are just a beginner about this technology and is curious about the entire blockchain façade, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be talking about all there is to know about the blockchain technology. So, let’s see what this beginners guide will cover on the blockchain.

Table of Contents

Chapter-1: What is Blockchain Technology?

Chapter-2: Different Types of Blockchains

Chapter-3: Different Generations of Blockchain Technology

Chapter-4: The Blockchain Technology Stack

Chapter-5: 10 Real Life Scenarios: How Blockchain Technology Will Affect Your Daily Life?

Chapter-6: 6 Leading Blockchain Platforms You Should Know About

Chapter-7: Examples of Decentralized Blockchain Applications

Chapter-8: Different Types of Blockchain Consensus Protocols

Chapter-9: The Future of Blockchain

Final Thoughts

Now let’s get started on the main topic, shall we?


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